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I think i was sexually assaulted reddit

With tears streaming down my face, I sat alone in my room. As a 22-year-old Christian single woman, I was battling against my flesh and the sexual temptations Thank you, so much. I am a Christian who has struggled alot in the area of a desire for companionship and sexual intimacy. I have been married.

I've recently started piecing details together and suspect I was sexually abused as a child but can't remember exact details. I'm not sure if I fully believe this myself yet but would.

Last year y wife was sexually assaulted while I was out of ... that what happened to her was awful and I wish I could get my hands on the bastard that hurt her but at the same time I think I hate.

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I think I was sexually assaulted by a family member. nsfw. I was a freshman in highschool at the time and I don’t want to say who it was to me but she was older than 18 and was a close family.

I was sexually assaulted too by two girls in highschool. I was 16 I believe, they would feel me there for a few minutes during the classes we shared. I told them to stop and they acted like they couldn't hear me. One of them would kick me in the nuts occasionally just to see my reaction. It was like I was some prop to make fun of.

First time I met the guy and his friend, they were at one bar and when I was leaving they said hi to me and I suggested we go for a drink---you know, I wanted to socialize and meet.

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